Sharing baby photos and seeing if we can work out who is who.  Also sharing iconic photos of famous people, what did they do, what were they famous for?  What do you think of when you see this photo?

Suitable For: Early Stage, Early-Mid Stages, Mid Stage, Mid-Late Stages

This activity can be used for mixed groups of people at various stages of dementia.  We encourage carers to stay and enjoy our activities and they can often help draw out the memories.

Aim: To stimulate the memory, encourage discussion and have fun!

Resources Needed: Attached documents.

Length of Time: 60-90 minutes


1. Ask the group to bring along a baby photo (including staff).  Number the photos on the table and ask the group if they can identify each photo.  It may be useful to make name badges for the group to wear.  Who can get the most right.

2. Look at the iconic photos of famous people.  Who are they, what did they do, what were they famous for?

With thanks to Stockton Library & Heritage Service for sharing their resource.

Download Who’s Who

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