The ‘Paint by Numbers’ activity is a great way to engage participants in relaxing and engaging creative activity using popular, famous images which can stimulate meaningful discussion.

Suitable For: Early Stage, Early-Mid Stage, Mid Stage, Mid-Late Stage, Late Stage

Aim: To create a unique version of a popular painting and engage in a discussion.

Resources Needed: Coloured pens, coloured pencils, paints, charcoals, pastels, etc.

Length of time: 60-90 minutes

Instructions: Depending on group size you may want to split the group into small teams. Before handing out the pictures ask each person to number a blank page from 1-6 and then as a team come up with 6 things from a different category. For example, I asked members to come up with 6 emotions, 6 flowers, 6 types of music, 6 types of weather, 6 terms associated with a particular season, etc. After they have their list of 6 different words ask them to assign a different colour to each word. This usually takes 15-20 minutes.

Next, provide each participant with one of the printed images and ask them to colour in the image using their own, unique colour key.


With thanks to Hand In Hand Care for sharing this resource.

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