The ‘My Family Life’ booklet is a short booklet that can be completed with the person with dementia and their carers. It includes ancestral and descendent family trees, and space for your family to add their own favourite memories too!

Suitable For: Ideally people who have been recently diagnosed with dementia, but it can be completed with the help of family members for those who struggle to recall some of the details.

Aim: To create a lasting booklet that includes key information about key aspects of a persons life, including family, friends, education, work experience, holidays, etc.

Resources Needed: A pen and some old photographs (optional).

Length of time: This varies depending on the person completing the booklet. It may need more that one sessions.

Instructions: Take some time to get to know the person by helping them to complete a booklet detailing their history and experiences. Ideally, sit somewhere comfortable with a hot drink and some biscuits and listen while they take you right back to their school days. Document as much or as little as they want.

Download My Family Life Booklet

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