Young At Heart ULO, 14Jan2019

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To describe this week as exciting could be considered an understatement, particularly if you enjoy all things circus and/or pantomime. Oh no you don’t? Oh yes, we do! On Monday morning, the group at St John’s Church spent the morning working on their family tree; talking about their partners and children. They shared stories about […]

REACH: Where are the Disabled Central Protagonists in Television and Movies?

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I have been waiting to write this post for sometime as it is a topic that interests and vexes me all at once. To put this into context, I am a binge watcher of television programmes, I adhere to no TV scheduling; preferring to use streaming services and DVDs. In my opinion, there is nothing […]

YOUNG AT HEART ULO: Co-Op Community Cause

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This year, Young At Heart ULO has been chosen to benefit from the Co-op Local Community Fund. At a time when funds for charitable organisations are becoming more difficult to access, we’re incredibly grateful for this opportunity to make a real difference in Stockton (inc. Thornaby and Ingleby Barwick). We are raising funds to develop and deliver new […]

Young At Heart ULO 7Jan2019

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This week, Young At Heart ULO returned following the two-week break over Christmas and New Year and it was clear that everyone was happy to be back. On Monday morning in Stockton, it took no less than 45 minutes to get the group settled in order to start the morning activity as the members were […]

NEWSLETTER: YAH News January 2019

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REACH: The Importance of Emotional Resilience

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Emotional resilience is a vitally important life skill. It means being able to overcome the barriers and obstacles of everyday life with the minimum of anxiety, stress and upheaval.  Becoming emotionally resilient Emotional resilience like any life skill is something that you learn, build upon and create within yourself. Emotional resilience is simply knowing that […]

REACH: #Tull100 No Barriers Project

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As anyone who has participated or had any involvement with the REACH Project over the last year will be able to tell you, we are committed to breaking down barriers; determined to ask questions, promote awareness, and an understanding of disability.  In Summer 2018, REACH became aware of the #TULL100 No Barriers project by Big […]

Young At Heart ULO: 3rd September 2018

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This week at Young At Heart ULO we had a very busy week as we took the groups back in time to their childhood.  In Stockton, the group indulged in some candy cigarettes, Black Jacks and aniseed balls while talking about and completing a life history document purely based on their childhood – up to […]

Shildon Locomotion Museum Trip 2018

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On Thursday 30th August 2018, a group of over 20 members of the Young At Heart ULO and In Our Shoes Carers Support Group visited Shildon’s Locomotion Museum. We arrived at our destination around 10:30am and promptly found our way to the cafe for a refreshing hot cup of tea and slice of cake, for […]

Young At Heart ULO: 27 August 2017

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This week was a ‘quiet’ week for Young At Heart ULO as Monday 27th was a Bank Holiday – this meant that the Stockton and Billingham groups did not meet on the day. However, the Bank Holiday did not affect our Thornaby group on Tuesday afternoon. On Tuesday afternoon, in Thornaby’s LiveWell Dementia Hub, the […]