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As part of an ongoing effort to offer a wide range of services to groups throughout the North East, Hand In Hand Care is pleased to announce that I am now offering one-off or regular workshops for

Zumba Fitness            Zumba Gold

If you would like to discuss either of the above Zumba Fitness workshops or request copies of my certificates please get in touch.

We run a drop-in event for over 50s in the Grangefield area of Stockton.

Alison Watson of Hand-in-Hand Care has joined us for several sessions where she has led a Golden Zumba class for the older people ‚Äď mainly ladies ‚Äď who attend.

Alison’s classes are well-planned, suitable for everyone and she really puts people at their ease with her caring and professional attitude. Everyone enjoys the sessions and feels they benefit from them so she has definitely added something to our get-togethers.

Cllrs Carol & Michael Clark, Grangefield, Stockton. logo

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