A discussion around divisive topics in order to stimulate and encourage a real debate.

Suitable For: Early Stage, Early-Mid Stages, Mid Stage

This activity can be used for mixed groups of people with dementia. However, if the group is large you may want to break the group into smaller sub-groups to ensure everyone has the opportunity to share their thoughts.

Aim: To encourage a healthy debate between the group on current topics.

Resources Needed: Attached documents. You will also need to find 2 recent news articles on different topics. I chose politics and migration as they were important topics when I delivered the session. You may chose something else to discuss.

Length of Time: 60-90 minutes


1. Summarise the news article and pose a question based on the article. I used an article about Jeremy Corbyn wanting to disarm nuclear submarines and asked the group about their thoughts about Jeremy Corbyn and their thoughts about nuclear arms.

I also found an article about the migration of Syrian immigrants and the problems in Calais, I asked the group to discuss what they thought should be done with these people.

2. Use (some of) the questions on the list to stimulate discussion around some varying topics and encourage a healthy discussion between group members.

With thanks to Hand In Hand Care for sharing their resource.

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