A guided discussion and a quiz on the theme of sports.

Suitable For: Early Stage, Early-Mid Stages, Mid Stage

This activity can be used for mixed groups of people with dementia. However, if the group is large you may want to break the group into smaller sub-groups to ensure everyone has the opportunity to share their thoughts.

Aim: To stimulate the memory using guided reminiscence and a mixed sports quiz for those who enjoy a challenge.

Resources Needed: Attached documents. You may want to also have some sports equipment for people to look at and/or games to play, such as skittles and quoits, if you have more time to fill.

Length of Time: 60-90 minutes


1. If you have some sports equipment with you you might want to hand it around while you ask the questions on the first part of the resource, alternatively you can start the discussion with an example of sports that you have played.

2. There are 2 options with the quiz – split the group into teams and give them a piece of paper to write the answers on, or if time is a problem you can read the questions out and have people shout the answers out.

With thanks to Hand In Hand Care for sharing their resource.

Download A Question of Sport

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