Young At Heart ULO: 21 Jan 2019

January 27, 2019 by Alison Watson-Shields

This week at Young At Heart ULO we have had yet another interesting week!

On Monday morning, the group at St John’s Church were joined by visitors from ‘Join Dementia Research’ and ‘Dementia Voices’ while they had some very passionate debates about some very divisive topics, for example, their thoughts on stay at home dads, and women who do DIY. The group also enjoyed a game of Room 101, banishing things they don’t like to the room forever!

On Monday afternoon, the Billingham group did some work on their family tree. They talked about their spouses/partners, their children and their pets. Some members shared stories of their childhood and memories of their children’s youth. It was a fantastic session that had everyone talking.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Thornaby group played Room 101 and discussed their likes and dislikes. It was a very chatty session, with everyone getting involved and even starting some smaller group discussions as the session progressed.

We have agreed to continue to make the Friday group at Ingleby Barwick Community Centre available for another 8 weeks but we have changed the start time to 11am, based on some feedback we have received. See the group poster below for details.

Next week, the groups will be talking about all things food-related and playing Room 101.

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