Young At Heart ULO: 27 August 2017

August 29, 2018 by Alison Watson-Shields

This week was a ‘quiet’ week for Young At Heart ULO as Monday 27th was a Bank Holiday – this meant that the Stockton and Billingham groups did not meet on the day. However, the Bank Holiday did not affect our Thornaby group on Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday afternoon, in Thornaby’s LiveWell Dementia Hub, the majority the group took part in the sounds quiz that the other groups had taken part in on the previous week. The group were subjected to the sound of someone sneezing, of a jackhammer digging up a road and of glass smashing.

Not all of the group took part in the quiz. Some of the group members chose to take part in the arts activity, which involved creating clay dog tags and up-cycled poppy pins for our upcoming “Unremembered” event (details to follow).

On Thursday, some of the Young At Heart ULO will be attending a trip to Shildon’s Locomotion Museum so keep your eyes peeled for photographs and accompanying blog post.

Next week, the theme for the sessions will be ‘childhood’ and we have a range of confectionary from the 1950’s and 1960’s for the group to salivate over!

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