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Alison Watson-Shields

I provide a person-centred social care service, which considers the holistic needs of the individual by recognising that needs can vary and change over time and that continuity of care is very important. I promote dignity, privacy, inclusion and respect while encouraging choice, independence and knowledge of personal rights. I am passionate about raising the standard of care for current service users and future service users. Not only do I provide bespoke domiciliary care for residents in the Teesside area, I also work closely alongside family carers and local organisations to bring quality and much-needed services to the local community. Projects include a user-led organisation for people with a diagnosis of dementia to attend with their carers, a monthly ‘Cafe’ session which provides social respite for the same service user group, and a pilot evaluation project looking at the benefits of using technology to facilitate dementia care which resulted in me presenting at the UK Dementia Congress in 2012 and writing an article for publication in the Signpost Journal. I am also part of the Stockton Dementia Services Collaborative, whose work has been recognised in the NHS North East Making A Difference Awards 2012 (awarded 2013). As part of my role to raise awareness of Dementia, in 2013 I was privileged to be able to attend the very first public Dementia Friends Champion training session in Nottingham and will be volunteering my time to host Dementia Friends awareness and information sessions in line with the government initiative. As well as the focus on working with people with dementia, I have also been approached by a group of adults who would like my supporting setting up a User-Led Organisation for adults with disabilities across the Tees Valley area. Although the group is in the very early stages at present the aims of the group are to provide age-appropriate activities to adults with disabilities in the locality and support them in achieving their goals through personal development, teamwork, sporting activities and creativity sessions.

Young At Heart ULO: 3rd September 2018

This week at Young At Heart ULO we had a very busy week as we took the groups back in time to their childhood. 

In Stockton, the group indulged in some candy cigarettes, Black Jacks and aniseed balls while talking about and completing a life history document purely based on their childhood – up to leaving what we would now call Secondary School. They also completed a very basic family tree that contained their siblings, parents and grandparents details. At the end of the session, the group completed a positive statement to go into our jar of positivity.

Like Stockton, the Billingham group also appeased their sweet tooth and indulged in a selection of vintage and retro sweets while completing their childhood life history documents. The group also shared their favourite childhood memories and we weren’t surprised to learn that their most memorable moments were ones where they were doing something they shouldn’t have done!

Anne led the session in Thornaby, where they replicated the earlier sessions while enjoying a selection of vintage sweets.

Next week we will continue to devour vintage sweets while the group take part in a food-themed session.

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