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Young At Heart ULO: 8 May 2018 #Unremembered

This week at Young At Heart, following the Bank Holiday Monday break, the Thornaby group made a start on our contribution to the Unremembered project by creating over 50 clay poppies to remember those who were members of the Labour Corps and essential to the war efforts of World War 1.

After spending a little time setting the tables up for the clay work, we started the session with the usual orientation exercises and discussions. I then tried to explain, as best I could, how the activity would work but this wasn’t very easy as I’m not a creative person. Thankfully, I had two great volunteers who just about managed to follow what I tried to explain and went on to provide demonstrations to the group members.

The group worked really hard and managed to create approximately 70 clay poppies, although I think we may lose some of them as the petals are starting to crack during the drying process. However, that is undoubtedly a great start to the project and both the Stockton and Billingham groups have yet to make their poppies, so I am sure we will have more than enough.

Next week we are going to have a musical sing-a-long session which will include a range of musical instruments and on the theme of the summer.

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