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Cycling Without Age: A Pilot’s Perspective – Mark Shields

When I arrived at the park, due to the cold weather and the snow trying its best to come down, I wasn’t expecting to see much of a turnout or much excitement for the event. How wrong I was. I arrived to find a queue of enthusiastic passengers lined up for their lap around the park. The pilots were equally enjoying themselves, despite the cold wind in their faces. There was a fantastic feeling of joy in the air.

Being asked if I would like to have a go in the pilot’s seat, I was a bit unsure at first, but after a little encouragement and light peer pressure, I gave it a go. Although initially wobbly with the steering and feel of the trishaw, I soon got the hang of it and could see exactly why the pilots had such big grins on their faces. I had a good chat and a laugh with the passengers and saw first hand how the Cycling Without Age scheme can bring happiness, laughter and enrich the lives of those who ride upon it.

It would be a huge shame if this is the first and last time the community sees the trishaw in action. I am sure if everyone pulls together many others can enjoy this amazing experience in the near future.

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