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Young At Heart ULO: Letters To Myself Project 10

As part of Young At Heart ULO’s commitment to encourage and promote opportunities for self-reflection, our members and volunteers are offered the opportunity to write a letter to their past, present or future self on a  regular basis. The letters can be serious reflections on their life or can be a tongue-in-cheek commentary on life in general. Group members can write their own letter or they can work with other people to collectively express thoughts, feelings and emotions. What follows is one of the contributions provided by a group member at one of the writing sessions…


Dear Me,

I hope my brain starts to work again.

I hope that Hartlepool United get further up the league.

I look forward to summer when I can go for a walk and see the colours of the beautiful flowers.

I hope I am able to see children and watch them play.

I hope I have a happy life surrounded by my wonderful family.


I would like people to listen to me.

I would like to stay happy.

I would like my wife to ring me and tell me that we have won the lottery.

I hope we find a cure for dementia.


I would not change my past.

I would not miss any opportunities.

I would tell myself not to miss school playing football in the park.

I would not change anything about my past.

Marry sooner and take no notice of negative comments.


Smile and laugh more.

Have no regrets.



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