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Young At Heart ULO Billingham, Monday 3rd April 2017

This afternoon at Young At Heart ULO, John Whitehead Park Community Hub, Billingham, we had a very active session. After we completed the orientation exercises and had a bit of a catch-up, we ordered our drinks from the Cafe In The Park and got ourselves comfortable sat in a circle to play the parachute game.

It is the first time we have been able to enjoy the parachute game here due to the size of the group compared to the size of the canopy. However, last week I ordered a smaller 6ft parachute with only 9 handles so that we could enjoy the game with smaller groups.

The group enjoyed the parachute game, and the volunteers did a great job to lead the session and repeat instructions from the CD. One participant enjoyed it when you had to rustle the canopy really fast, while the other enjoyed the Gypsy Dance, which focussed on the feet.

After the parachute game, we ordered some more drinks from the Cafe In The Park and spent some more time socialising and had a very informal music quiz/reminiscence session.

Next week we will be having a cognitive stimulation activity.

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