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Our Version of Events
  • OVOE: Social Night, Wednesday 10th September 2016 Try for FREE

    Alison signed us all in and our social team was Shelby and Rachel, Paul and Kelvin were in charge of the tuck shop, Richard was selling his home-made bath products to fundraise for the group. Some of us played bingo after our tea. I raised £6 for the group by arranging a raffle. This all […]

  • OVOE: #NukeTownShow @ArcStockton, Tuesday 27th September 2016 Our Version of Events

    Tonight, after drama, we went to ARC to see a show called Nuketown, which was part of the Pay What You Decide season. This means you can pay however much you think the show was worth. The show was based in a fiction, Lego town called ‘Nuketown’ and was about issues with planning permission and […]

  • OVOE: The Lamppost Petition @ArcStockton, Tuesday 20th September 2016 Our Version of Events

    Tonight some of our group went to see Zoe Murtagh perform in The Lamppost Petition at ARC. The show was about a lady who petitioned to have a lamppost at the end of the street where she lived and about two ladies who went on a picnic protest for no mandates or cuts. The protesting […]

  • OVOE: Laurence Clark @ArcStockton, Thursday 15th September 2016 Our Version of Events

    Tonight we went to see Laurence Clark’s show ‘Independence’ at ARC, he is a comedian with Cerebral Palsy. I found him funny, a tiny bit rude and an inspiration for talking about his disability from his angle. He was also quintessentially charming. The show was about Laurence’s own experiences of becoming independent. He spoke about […]

  • Beamish, Monday 22nd August 2016 Beamish Museum

    Today I had the pleasure of attending Beamish Museum with members of two wonderful groups that I facilitate – Young at Heart ULO and Our Version of Events ULO. The day started with a long drive down to St John’s Church, Durham Road in the pouring rain. The rain was so heavy that it was […]

  • OVOE: Incredibowls, Thursday 18th August 2016 Try FREE

    Alison signed us all in and collected our subs before we went on to our lanes. I ordered my food and drink, which was brought to my lane by a member of staff. Gavin and I went around with a money bag and raffle tickets, asking people if they would like to by a raffle […]

  • OVOE: Incredibowls, Thursday 4th August 2016 Try FREE

    At Incredibowls Bowling Club Alison signed us in and collected our subs. Then we ordered our food and drinks to eat while we wait or eat on our lanes. The bar staff brought our food to us and some of us ate while playing bowling. We had a few small issues between members but Alison […]

  • OVOE: Incredibowls, Thursday 21st July 2016 Try FREE

    Alison signed us all in and collected our subs. I ordered my tea after signing in and we went to lanes 1, 2 and 3 into teams of 6. My friend Andrew brought my tea to my lane for me. I organised a small bundle of raffle prizes and Alison gave me a raffle ticket […]

  • OVOE: Try your first session FREE! Our Version of Events

    Want to find out more about what happens at OVOE’s Social Night or Incredibowls? Why not pop along to one of our sessions for FREE to join in with the activities and find out if it is for you! Related

  • OVOE: Social Night, Wednesday 13th July 2016 Social Night

    Tonight, in the Green Room, Alison signed us all in to the system with our money, then she took our takeaway orders as there was no tuck shop or bingo tonight. We were all helping out with the monkey masks and costumes for our SIRF Carnival this year, in August. I was helping Morwenna to […]

New study highlights positive impact of digital technology in health and social care

The potential benefits to staff and patients of greater use of information and digital technology in the NHS and social care are shown in a new study, published today.

The study, commissioned by the Department of Health from Price Waterhouse Coopers, found that measures such as more use of text messages for negative test results, electronic prescribing and electronic patient records could improve care, allow health professionals to spend more time with patients and save billions of pounds.

The report says that a potential £4.4billion per year could be reinvested in improving care by making better use of information and technology.

Among the cases highlighted in the report are:

the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital conducted a trial of a system that asks spinal surgery patients to record their progress on an iPad while in hospital, then at home through an online system after being discharged. This created an estimated 300 new outpatient appointment slots per consultant surgeon per year – 95 per cent of patients preferred the new online process to the traditional pen and paper method.
Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospitals Trust trialled a computerised paperless system on its haematology and dermatology wards. This meant that professionals could see GP referral letters, letters from clinics, test orders and X-rays. They found that they could save 30 minutes in a three and a half to four hour clinic.
Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals brought in an electronic prescribing system which meant that the accuracy of prescriptions was radically increased and they estimated the system could reduce potential adverse reactions to drugs by up to 60 per cent

Read ‘A review of the potential benefits from the better use of information and technology in health and social care’

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